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Cuba Reality Tours & Travel (CRT&T) has over 25 years’ combined experience working and bringing U.S. travelers to Cuba, it specializes in travel exclusively to Cuba.

Victor Perez-Ruiz, the founder of the company was born in Cuba and was one of the first tour guides there when the country opened up to tourism in 1994, for the first time since 1959.

 Victor was a national tour guide on the island for 15 years and needless to say, he has ample knowledge of the entire country and a vast local network, he can definitely make anything happen in Cuba for you.

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Mission & Vision

What would you like to do in Cuba?  

CRT&T’s mission is to facilitate the experience that only Cuba can offer through its wonderful and warm people, extremely rich culture, and history. We wisely design legal (as per U.S. travel restrictions to the island) itineraries for Golf tournaments, culinary tours, meeting local officials, entrepreneurs, professional trips, artists, private cigar plantation tours, diving, scuba diving, fishing, rum tastings, nature, bird-watching, architecture, history, art, religion, culture… – we aim to provide you with the personalized, private, VIP experience that makes you experience Cuba like no other.

Our main purpose is to provide our clients safe, legal specialized and customized trips to and from Cuba in an organized manner so that all of our customers’ expectations are exceeded far beyond their dreams for this once in a lifetime people to people experience.

This full service travel agency (offering full service travel arrangements to FITs (individuals), groups, organizations, institutions, companies, sports leagues, families, educators, students, professionals, etc. under either Specific or General Licenses issued by the U.S. Treasury Department -OFAC-) is registered in the State of Florida as a duly bonded seller of travel and registered with the Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC.

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